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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education


Number: 20456/1

Date: 7 Mordad 1359 [29 July 1980]



Mrs. Fereshteh Shafabakhsh - Elementary School Teacher of District 15 of Tehran

Place of residence: [redacted]

In response to your unsigned and undated letter, submitted to the President's Grievance Review Office, this is to inform you that the request of your retirement submitted through the Department of Education, District 15, and approved by the esteemed ministry and the Purging Committee will not be possible, given your clear admission in your written statement in your file indicating your Baha’i ideology. Repeal of the order issued in accordance with the regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran would not be possible.

On behalf of General Director of Administrative Affairs, Asadpour