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Republic Islamic of Iran

Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, Gorgan

In the Name of God

Date: 17 Mordad 1361 [8 August 1982]

Number: 380/61 Ahkam [Orders]

Enclosure: -----


Dear Representative of the Omana Company, affiliated with the Mostazafan Foundation, Gorgan and Gonbad[-e Kavus] Branches

With Reference to letters Number 110 – dated 24 Tir 1360 [15 July 1981] and [number] 307- dated 12 Khordad 1361 [2 June 1982], Mr Fathollah Ehsani, son of Hosein-Ali, in accordance to verdict number 60/485/1120 dated 11 Mordad 1361 [2 August 1982], has presented to the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Gorgan documents that prove the purchase of a piece of land which is presently his residential home; this evidence exists in his file and the witnesses confirm it, and there is no evidence to prove that Mr Ehsani bought the land  using Baha’i-related funds. Accordingly, this order confirms Mr Ehsani’s ownership of the afore-mentioned parcel of land in the village of Rahmatabad, for which the dimensions are provided in the related deed, which also clearly identifies the vendors.

Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, Gorgan


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Copy to Mr Fathollah Ehsani for his information

Address: Rahmatabad, Gorgan