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Islamic Republic of Iran -- Judiciary

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Date 3/8/1368 [25 October 1989]

Case Reference: 2162/67/1

Court Order Number: 1002

Administrative Authority: Branch One of the Court of Administrative Justice

Appellant: Mrs. Ezzat Haie-Najafabadi, daughter of Yadollah, resident of Isfahan [contact details]

Respondent: Ministry of Education                    

Subject of appeal and grievance: To nullify the verdict of the Administrative Offences Appeal Council


Procedural synopsis:  Subsequent to registration of the appellant’s file under general classification number 9317, [dated] 13/11/1367 [2 February 1989], at the Court of Administrative Justice, it was submitted to Branch One under the above-noted reference. [The file] was then registered at this branch, and, after routine procedure, was reviewed in an extraordinary session by the undersigned—presiding judge—and  [court] advisor, Mr. Mirkhani. [The court,] having considered the file records, the submissions of the appellant, and written submissions of the advisor, concluded the hearing and issued a verdict as follows:


Decision of Branch One

The appellant declared in her submission that she had been permanently dismissed from employment in any government institution, deprived of her pension and retirement entitlements for the offense of being a Baha’i. She is requesting a review and repeal of the verdict issued by the Administrative Offences Council.

Careful consideration of her file records and evidentiary documents, as well as the contents of the appeal, indicates that the aforementioned was retired on 1/7/1358 [23 September 1979], and her file was reviewed by the Restructuring Council on the basis of allegations of her membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, but no verdict was issued.

The case was then referred to the Appeals Council, whereupon she was informed that a decision had been made to permanently dismiss her from government employment. As she had filed an appeal, the case was submitted to the Appeals Council for Administrative Offences for review. 

The appellant then attended the hearing of the Council on 14/9/1367 [5 December 1988], where the charge was read to her, and where she admitted to the charge in writing.

Accordingly, in light of the appellant’s explicit admission, and the report of the Intelligence Office of Isfahan, which included her [Baha’i] registration number as [redacted], the Appeals Council for Administrative Offences endorsed the original verdict, pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 19 of the Administrative Offences Act, and Paragraph (h) of Article 10 of the said Act. Furthermore, the Council’s review reported no procedural errors, nor were there any errors in referencing the law. As the appellant failed to provide any evidence to merit nullification of the original decision, the original verdict is hereby upheld and endorsed. This verdict is final and not eligible for appeal at the Court of Administrative Justice.


Adjudicator of Branch One of the Court of Administrative Justice

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Chief Clerk of Branch One of the Court of Administrative Justice


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17/2-20/1/1390 [9 April 2011]