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Cycling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Cycling Board of the Province of Isfahan

(Year 1395 [2016], Year of Economic Resilience, Action and Practice)

The Supreme Leader


Number: 303/K/95

Date: 25 Mehr 1395 [16 October 2016]

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In support of the environment

[Photo] Symbol of the Cycling Federation - Deer

Department of Athletics and Youth of Isfahan


Praised be God, and salutations upon Mohammad and the family of Muḥammad (PBUH)

This is to respectfully inform you that Mr. Saman Lotfi is hereby introduced for the position of secretary of the Cycling Committee of Isfahan Province in place of Mr. Amir Esmaili. This information is conveyed to you for any required action.

Kayvan Limouie


Director of the Cycling Board of Isfahan Province.

[Stamp] - Cycling Board of Isfahan Province

Isfahan – Azadi Square (Shiraz Main Gate) – Enghelab Stadium

Telefax: 36206084

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