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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education



Final Order


Date:  1/5/87 [22 July 2008]

Order Number:  6035

Employee Number:  [redacted]



A session was held at Branch 1 of the Administrative Violations Review Appeal Board on 1/5/87 [22 July 2008], in the presence of a three-member panel, to review the charges against Mrs. Afagh Hoseini, daughter of Gadamali, born 1321 [1942/1943], birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted]. [The appellant] holds a diploma; she is married, is an official employee, level 5, with eight years of experience. At the time of committing the offence, she was a teacher in area 3 in Karaj, province of Tehran, and at the present time she is an on-call employee, and based on order number 5248, dated 11/1/87 [30 March 2008], of the Provisional Board for Administrative Violations Review for rural areas in the province of Tehran, she was condemned and expelled from the aforementioned Ministry. Having considered the documents and evidence in the file, and after reviewing the procedural briefs, this Board, in accordance with paragraph 34 of Article 8 of Administrative Violations Review Act, ratified 7/9/1372 [27 November 2008] by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, herewith confirms the charges against the appellant.


Therefore, the Appeal Board, by majority vote, upholds the original decision made by the Provisional Board.


This order is final.  Should there be any objections by the accused, she may, within a period of one month, appeal to the Court of Administrative Justice.


Procedural Synopsis:


Further to the appeal made by the aforementioned against the decision issued by the Provisional Board with respect to the charges of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, the file was submitted to this Branch for review. In her statement of appeal, she wrote that she was hired in 50/51 [1971/72] and has been on-call since 11/12/59 [2 March 1981], and to date she has neither received payment for the period of being on-call, nor has been given any updates as to the status of her employment. Furthermore, in her statement, she has requested a fair judgment in her case.


The Appeal Board, subsequent to reviewing the file records, in particular the report of her involvement with the perverse Baha’i sect (page 1), failure to reject this allegation in the preliminary defence (page 24), and her statement of appeal, invited her to participate in a hearing on 29/4/87 [19 July 2008] and provide further explanation. She came to the hearing, and while maintaining her position as to her continued involvement with the above-mentioned sect, requested an appeal. The Board, in light of the noted documents, confirmed her offence and, pursuant to Article 21 of the Executive Guidelines and considering the evidence of harmful public repercussions of the offence, issued the above verdict.  In accordance with Article 4 of the Law this order is binding from the date of issuance.


Hamidreza Salehabadi  [signature]


Khalil Shirvani [signature]

Mohammad Sar Salari [signature]


Note:  This order is only valid if it contains names, surnames, and signatures of the panel members


On 3/6/1387 [24 August 2008], I, Afagh Hoseini, was served.  

Signature  [signature]


Name of the serving officer [illegible]

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