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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Department of Labor and Social Affairs - Tehran Province

Office of Employment Services


Decision of the Offences Board

In the Name of God

Date: 9/12/1368 [28 February 1990]

Subsequent to reviewing the file records and hearing the submissions of the worker and that of the employer’s representative, and after consultation, [the Board] upholds the decision of the Council, dated 3/11/1368 [23 January 1990]. This decision relates to the appeal of Mr. Abbas Ali-Yazdani against the Greater Tehran Transportation Company, whereby he was seeking benefits following dismissal [from his employment]. Given that his dismissal was due to his admission to being a Baha’i, and considering that employment of the [members] of this [Baha’i] sect is prohibited, particularly in government agencies and affiliated institutions, as stipulated in Circular number [illegible], dated 21/9/1360 [12 December 1981] of the Office of Commerce and Industrial Affairs, [conclusion of sentence illegible].

State Representatives

Employers’ Representatives

Employees’ Representatives

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