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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior

The Political Division

Number: 264

Dated: 17 Ordibehesht 1323 [7 May 1944]



His Excellency, the Prime Minister

A copy of the coded telegram concerning the Baha’is that you had instructed to be transmitted to the Governorate offices of Qom and Qazvin, according to [your] order of 14 Ordibehesht [4 May], is hereby presented.

The Minister of the Interior [On Behalf: Signature - Sarvari]


[Handwritten note 1:] It was noted. 19 Ordibehesht 1323 [9 May 1944]

[Handwritten note 2:] [Stamp: Registered in the Office of the Prime Minister, Number: 1804, Dated: 23 Ordibehesht 1320 (13 May 1941)]