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The Ministry of the Interior

Office of Governor General of Tenth Provence

Date 31 Tir 1325[22 July 1946]

Number 5302

Enclosure: -----




Mr. Prime Minister,


On 23 Tir [13]25 [22 July 1946] reports were received via the Borujen’s telegraph office, that on the eve of the celebrations of the birth of His Holiness Imam Qaim[1], disputes arose between the residents of Borujen and the Baha’is which led to a fight between them. The appropriate [disciplinary] orders were issued immediately, by telephone. Through the efforts of the officers of the Governorate Office of Shahr-e Kord and the Security [Officers] and [Army] Barrack of the area, peace has been restored.  It was noted that, possibly the mayor of the town, Mr. Madani, had been influenced and had not made sufficient effort to end the dispute. The Governorate of Shahr-e Kord has been ordered to investigate the matter and should this prove to be true, to interrogate the aforementioned individual.

Similarly in Esfahan, some individuals were instigating problems, which were immediately prevented.


The Governor General of the 10th Provence

Nader Arasteh


Copy identical to original [signature]



[1] [The Imam of resurrection day]