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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 13 Shahrivar 1362 [4 September 1983]

[Issue No.:] 17100

[Page:] 7


In the Name of God

Employment Advertisement

In order to complete its personnel, the Medical Centre of Iran is hiring on contract, and by service purchase request, individuals holding the following qualifications:

1. Seven positions as contractor’s accountants: having completed at least a secondary school education and useful experience in accounting  

2. Five positions for cook by contract – Having at least a primary school education

3. Sixteen cleaners by contract – Should have at least a primary school education

All applicants should also meet the following requirements:

A. Believing in the [government] system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and adherence to one of the official religions of the country.

B. Holding a certificate of completion of military service or a letter of exemption from military service.

C. Providing the termination of service agreement or terminating a position held at a ministry or public institution (in case of having work experience)

D. Applicants must not have been dismissed by the Commission for Purging and Purification or Human Resources Restructuring Commission

The qualified applicants can contact the administrative office of the Medical Centre of Iran at Gandhi Avenue, 20th Street, within 10 days from the date of the publication of this advertisement to complete the relevant application, along with two photographs and a photocopy of their birth certificate.

M.A 15523

Public Relations, the Medical Centre of Iran