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About the Baha’i Cemetery of Tehran


1. All of the tombstones have been removed [from their original locations].

2. The writing on [all of] the tombstones has been eradicated.

3. Some of the tombstones have been moved out [of the cemetery].

4. All the edging around [each of] the graves has been removed.

5. All of the rose bushes have been dug up and taken away.

6. The southeastern section has been extended and vegetables planted in it.

7. They have housed people in Mr. Kargaran’s room.

8. The majority of the trees have dried up as a result of drought.

9. Two heaps of soil have replaced the [hall].

10. All water pumps and water pipes have been taken away.

11. The area of the cemetery is 13 acres.

12. The lawnmower, tools, plumbing supplies, cold room supplies, refrigerator, air conditioner, tea room equipment, 106 large coffins, 15 medium-size coffins, 16 small coffins, and 100 bags of cement have been taken away.

13. The grave edgings have been installed on top of the surrounding walls.

14. The demolition work began towards the end of 1360 [1981] and was completed within the first three months of the year 1361[1982].

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