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In the Name of God


File Number: -----

Branch Archival Reference: -----


The Judiciary



Inscription Date: -----

Tracking Code: 1399220212948279

Enclosure: Two pages


Particulars of Complainant: Name: Touraj, Surname: Jafari Roshankouhi, Name of the father: Abdolbaghi; Occupation: Self-employed; Place of residence – City/County/Village -----, Province: Mazandaran – [redacted] – National ID Number [redacted] – Contact Number [redacted]

Particulars of the Defendant: The General Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Mazandaran Province – Sari; Residence: Mazandaran Province, Sari County, Sari City, Pasdaran Boulevard, General Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Mazandaran Province


Subject of Complaint:

  1.  Illegal Occupation; Date of Commission of Offence: 3 Aban 1399 [24 October 2020]; Place of Crime: Kiasar – Chahar Dangeh – Village of Roshan Kouh
  2.  Destruction, Date of Commission of Offence: 3 Aban 1399 [24 October 2020], LOCUS CRIMINIS: Kiasar, Chahardangeh – Village of Roshan Kouh

Documents and Enclosures:

  1. Documentary Evidence Signed by Witness Number and Date: ------
  2. Final Transaction of Immovable Properties Number and Date: 23 Dey 1330 [14 January 1952]


Subject of Complaint: Request for criminal prosecution and punishment of offender for illegal occupation and destruction according to the described text.

The Honourable Judge of the Public and Revolutionary Court of Kiasar,

With greetings,

I am Touraj Jafari Roushankouhi, the owner of the registered plot number 16, in region 22 of Sari, situated in the Village of Roshan Kouh. Regrettably, despite my having the legal proofs and documents of ownership of the land―as is presented―the defendant, on 3 Aban 1399 [24 October 2020], by force and without presenting a written order to the owner and contrary to the legal and Sharia standards, attempted to destroy the fences of the arable land belonging to me, and has illegal possession. It must be noted that the land is under cultivation and this act, in itself, is a punishable crime; therefore, considering the presented statement, I am requesting a criminal ruling against the defendants and their legal prosecution and punishment for the forceful occupation and destruction [of my property] and restoration of my violated rights.

Attached are the testimonies of the witnesses from the surrounding villages, which are presented for your perusal.

Touraj Jafari Roushankouhi [signature]


Cost of the Legal Action: 160,000 rials

Reference Number: 27497174287

Follow-up Number: 23273681076

Date and Time of the Receipt of the Fee: 14 Aban 1399 [4 November 2020] at 10:27 am.

Service Fee: 342,547 rials

Total Payment: 502,547 rials