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The Prime Minister



Date: 20 Azar 1316 [11 December 1937]



The enclosed file is related to the complaints of a number of inhabitants of Seisan of Azerbaijan. The final action taken in this regard was that the governor general of the Eastern Province was supposed to have the case investigated and report the result. Since there has been a delay in providing the mentioned report, the Premiership requested, on 30 Aban 1316 [21 November 1937], the result of the investigations from the aforementioned governor general; and yet, the report has not reached him, and the subjects [of Seisan] have again presented their submission, although it has not been [enough] of a delay to merit a demand for an answer to the recent letter. Therefore, no action should be taken until such time as the proposed report of the governor general arrives. 


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the letter]

Nevertheless, demand the response.

21 Azar 1316 [12 December 1937]