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[Arabic verse][1]

Mr. Eshghi, Honorable Prosecutor of the City of Qaemshahr

3 Azar 1387 [23 November 2008]


With utmost humility, we  convey to you again that disappointingly and despite your order and that of the respectable investigator of Branch 1 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, (written in the margin and the back of the presented petitions for justice, dated 2, 6, 15 Aban 1387 [23, 27 October and 5 November 2008]), regarding the encroachment and destruction of the Baha’i private cemetery of Darzikola, addressed to the superintendent of Police station 12, requesting the pursuit of the violators and the protection of the destroyed cemetery, not only was the necessary action not taken, but it increased the courage and insolence of the aggressors. On the morning 13 Aban [3 November], a number of unidentified individuals, with a bulldozer in their possession, attempted to completely destroy the mentioned place. This was prevented by the owners of the graves, and because the situation was reported to the police station and the respected police number 110, police officers came to the mentioned place but did not take any action to arrest the aggressors and their insurgents. In pursuing the case, we went to the police station in person and asked the superintendent for the reason for failure to prosecute. Apart from a delay in the orders from the judicial authorities, we did not receive a lawful response. Unfortunately, these violators of our laws, regulations and the luminous sharia, for the third time, at dawn on Friday, 1 Azar 1387 [21 November 2008] equipped with a full set of machinery, three loaders and a few dumpsters attacked the cemetery. They destroyed the rest of the graves, cut down all the trees, completely destroyed the place, flattened the western side which was surrounded and protected by barbed wire and then left the area. Immediately the intruders entered, we informed the mentioned police station by phone, but unfortunately there was no news of any dispatch of officers or prevention police.

Mr. Prosecutor, as you are aware, such an action by the perpetrators is not only contrary to the principles of the Constitution, especially Article 3, 14, 19, 23 and other civil and legal laws of citizenship, but also it has been an insult to the deceased and has caused irreparable psychological damage to the owners of the graves and the inhabitants of this land. It is also in contradiction with the rule of Taslit [absolute legal power of the owner to exercise dominion or control over property] without harm, in fact it dishonours the sanctity of the Islamic Republic. We therefore ask your honour again, to issue an immediate order to pursue and arrest the perpetrators and violators of these laws who demonstrate poor moral and human character and to suggest the proper course to restore the said ruined place, ensuring its security and to arrange compensation for the material and psychological damage. We beg and plead day and night to the Almighty God for His grace and the success of the honourable authorities and the generality of people.

Sincerely yours 

On behalf of the Baha’is in Darzikola of Qaemshahr

[Signatures of the Baha’is in Darzikola at the bottom of the letter]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

Copy to:

Mr. Raeiszadeh, Deputy of Legal Complex, Pursuits and the Supervision of Justice Administration of Mazandaran Province, for information and requesting for issuance of the appropriate orders in this regard.



[1] [The original text is as follows: " هوالبصیر العلیم‎"]