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12 Mehr 1324 [4 October 1945]


The Honourable Ministry of Justice of Iran,

A copy of complaints submitted to Zabol’s Police Headquarters is presented herewith, to inform the esteemed authorities of that Ministry:

On 15 Shahrivar [6 September], a person by the name of Gholam-Mohammad Farahi complained to the Police Department of Zabol that I—who pays an enormous amount of customs tax annually for my business transactions and enjoys the trust and confidence of many businessmen in various cities of Iran—stole from the bottom part of the entrance doorframe of his storage [space], the equivalent of 23,550 rials’ worth of Yazdi cotton textiles.

Also, in the presence of the head of the police and some other people, as you may observe from the enclosed documents, he has not stopped threatening and insulting me. The file of this case was prepared at the Police Headquarters and referred to the Department of Justice quite a while ago. So far, there has been no news or any sign regarding the [progress of] the case.

The reason for the submission of this letter, prior to clarification of the above-mentioned case is this: as experience in similar circumstances has proved to us, cases pertaining to the Baha’i residents of this city and referred to the Office of Justice, if they were in our favour, have been left idle with no action being taken. If they were arranged against the Baha’is, the individual Baha’i has been condemned and sentenced with the application of the maximum legal charge, or even beyond the legal charge. Should I decided to describe all such cases, it would only take your time and prolong the discussions. However, just to prove my statement, it will suffice to mention only some cases, which Your Honourable Ministry is aware of:

1-Arson at the residence of Mr. Ezzatollah Eshrati

2-Attack of the insurgents on the residence of Mr. Ataollah Shabrokh and knife assault against the women

3-Arrest and detention of Messrs. Eftekhari, Soheili, Ta’id and his 13-year-old son for a period of 45 days

4-Arson at the residence of Mr. Misaghi

5-Forceful evacuation of the shops of Messrs. Misaghi and Rayehi

6-Robbery at my shop on three occasions within six months, where the cases have been ignored by the authorities

7-Accusation case of Mr. Behjat

8-Several made-up cases regarding the Hirmand Company, which is a Baha’i establishment in Zabol

In addition to the above, the matter that has never been addressed by the authorities is the inscription of obscene and insulting words on the doors of the shops of the Baha’is and on the street walls, where some of the exact captions are still in existence.

The respected authorities would agree that when corrupt and vicious [individuals] are not prohibited and not punished for their inhumane actions and behaviour, this negligence will, of course, embolden and encourage them to commit even meaner and nastier actions; particularly when they rely on and are supported by some government authorities who are taking advantage of their position and apply their personal influence. This is why I plead with Your Honour to pay attention to my submission and find a solution for this small group, whose only blame is being Baha’i, and who are subject to personal discrimination by a group of thugs and hooligans.



Nasrollah Azadeh



Copy for Honourable Ministry of the Interior

Copy for Honourable Supervisory Department of Justice

Copy for Honourable Department of Justice of Kerman

Copy for Honourable Minister of the Interior, and I am requesting attention regarding investigation of the case




[Handwritten notes:]

Political Affairs, it has enclosure. 3 Aban 1324 [25 October 1945]

Number 49240/8 of 5 Aban 1324 [27 October 1945]

Number S/8640 of 6 Aban [28 October 1945]

Mr. Ansari, 8 Aban [30 October 1945]