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17 Mehr 1331 [9 October 1952]


Ministry of Interior

Based on the news received from the provinces, in some regions, some corrupt people incite miscreants and residents against the Baha’is and public security, beating them, destroying their homes, looting and setting them on fire.

The law enforcement officers, who should have taken serious measures to prevent these miscreants, have contented themselves with silence and observation, and have completely refused to perform their legal duties, which are to protect the lives and property of Iranians.

It is unfortunate that the respected authorities of the government do not prosecute them as they should, and even the courts acquit the murderers and sentence the innocents to death and imprisonment. It is obvious that this practice encourages the looters and the rioters and increases their courage.

In Hasanabad, 15 km from Rafsanjan, with the presence of eight gendarmes, the [Baha’i] house was destroyed, and some people were beaten and their property was looted. The telegram, received from Kerman, where Mr. Hasanzadeh had to flee from Rafsanjan, states that the same actions were carried out in Kerman. The inn, the bathhouse, Golestan [Baha’i cemetery] and its residential house have been destroyed and looted.

If that ministry does not take effective and urgent action, these atrocities will deprive the public of its comfort, and once again Iranians will be [accused], in the eyes of foreigners, of incompetence, being uncivilized, and not having religion and faith.

Given my strong interest in Iran, my dear homeland, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you [of all this], and I hope that special attention will be paid to the fact that such barbaric acts [should] not be repeated and that the perpetrators [should] be severely prosecuted and punished.

[Signature: Shoaollah Alaei]


[Handwritten note on top of the page:]

(Office of Security) to act according to the rules.

[Stamp: The Office of the Ministry of Interior, Number 64867, Date: 26 Mehr 1331 [18 October 1952]]