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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Zabol to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 2191; Telegram Number: 86, Number of Words: 286, Date of Original: 6 Khordad [1326] [28 May 1947], Date of Receipt: 9 Khordad [1326] [31 May 1947]


Dear Prime Minister,

Copy to the Judiciary

Copy to the Ministry of the Interior

Copy to Mr. Farrokh, the representative of Sistan [to National Consultative Assembly]


As you were previously notified, six Baha’i families that had only recently appeared in the City of Zabol, having migrated from other cities to Zabol, are constantly busy with propagating the Baha’i religion; recently, they have agitated and offended the Muslims’ honour.  They are under prosecution in the Judiciary. Examples of those behaviours are assault and defamation of the dignity of Mohammad Tajik and others. However, we are worried that they may seek interference and assistance from “known centres”, and we are worried that the rights [of innocent people] might be destroyed, and that it will add to their evil actions and boldness. If you do not prevent this group, under the banner of justice and the laws of our country, the 200,000 people of Sistan, who are obedient to the orders of the government and the laws of the country, will be disappointed. We are humbly requesting that you stop these people from propagating their religion, which is causing corruption.  Their invasions are not tolerable anymore, so we busy ourselves with our business and preserve the peace and pray for the endurance of this country and its people.


Mohammad-Ali Sa‘adati, Soltan Baranpour, Mohammad-Ali Shafei, Haji Mohammad-Ali (Mekrani?), Haji Mohammad-Hosein Kazemi, Ali-Akbar Nosrati, Ali-Akbar Sheikhzadeh, Ali-Naddaf, Haji Ali Valizadeh, Mohammad Hasan, Haji Malek Saravani [Saravani], Haji Hosein Saravani, Mohammad-Ali Shahnavazi, Ali Ehsani, Yaghob Sarvardi, Ghorban Farsi, Nabbi Sarvanzadeh, Farajollah Sahar Anvard, Mohammad-Ghasem Parsi, Hosein Aghajan, Aghajan Farsi, Mohammad-Ali Kazemi, Mohammad-Ebrahim Haghighi, Ali-Akbar Shafeiei, Mohammad-Ali Kazemi, Seyyed Kazem, Mohammad-Hosein Afshari, Seyyed Mortaza Alavi,  Seyyed Mohmood Alavi, Mahammadi, Gholam-Ali Sargolzaei, Shir-Ali Tajik, Abbas-Ali Malekzadeh, Abbas, Gholam-Ali Kaveh, Rajab-Ali Malek Sarvani, Seyyed Mosayyeb, Seyyed Hashem, Seyyed Mohammad, Hosein Bendanzadeh, Karbalayi Mohammad Kamali, Seyyed Haji Ahmad Sharifi.


[Stamp: Telegraph Office of Tehran, the sending telegraph office]


[Stamp: Registered at the Office of the Prime Minister: 10 Khordad 1324 (31 May 1945), number 4289].

[Handwritten 2]: Ministry of the Interior, 12 Khordad 1324 [2 June 1945]

[Handwritten 3]: Political [Division], 16 Khordad 1324 [6 June 1945]

[Handwritten 4]: number 2/15678 – 16 Khordad 1324

[Handwritten 5]: preparing a response, 28 Khordad 1324 [18 June 1945]