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Khordad 1322 [May/June 1943]


The Honourable Ministers of the Cabinet, May God extend your shadow [of care] over the people

We respectfully present: We the residents of Sistan have of course long been compliant with and obedient to all manner of instructions and prohibitions issued from our beloved government, and have managed to administer our affairs under the shadow of the care and attention of its officials and no one has interfered with our religious or occupational activities, as we have always been living in peace and prosperity.

However, unfortunately, at this time that we are under the pressures from all directions and our livelihoods are disrupted, in addition we have suffered religious insults, the like of which has not been seen in this border region until now.

A number of Baha’is, some of whom are employed in military force, some in government departments and others in [private] businesses, have arrived in Sistan and actively are engaged in propaganda and influencing the hearts of the masses of ignorant residents of Zabol, by giving food and financial assistances, causing them to stray [from the path of God], and as all precautions should be taken in this region which is so close to the country’s border, have corrupted a large number people and have caused dissention and division; it is possible that an upheaval could be caused due to this sect’s mischievous and malicious activities.

Therefore, as the decision of the officials is the promotion and consolidation of the Islamic traditions, and in addition the civil and national interests require urgent attention and action to extinguish this tumult, and for the officials to take sympathetic steps for the poor residents of Zabol, that this corrupt and mischievous group be removed from Zabol and we the miserable subjects in this region be rescued from the clutches of these corrupted individuals.


Residents of Zabol:

Gholam-Hosein 275[1], Ismail 190, Khan-Mohammad 57, Ghorban 678, Amir 368, Mohammad 2325, Ebrahim with Birth Certificate number 74 [signature], Hasan Khomrnia Number: 123 [signature], Nour-Mohammad Shahraki 231 [signature], Haydar 7351, Ebrahim 753, Mohammad 1080, Ramezan 6828, Gholam 1102, Mohammad-Hosein 2813, Ali 8652, Abbas 7, Yaghoub 734, Mohammad-Jan 699, Niyaz Mohammad Deh Mordeh 1023, Gholam-Ali 667, Haydar 665, Gholam-Hosein 8238, Zabihollah 1349, Gholam-Abbas 822, Mehdi 157, Mohammad Tabatabaie 2742, Mohammad-Ali Rahimi 833, Mohammad 193, Gholam-Mohammad 102, Mohammad Ebrahim 133, Ali 13520, Ahmad 443, Gholam-Reza 40633, Abbas-Ali Eskandari 698, Mohammad-Azim 465, Mohammad-Ali 5318, Ali Nouri 301, Abbas 69303, Mohammad-Hasan 3299, Ali 1230, Gholam-Hosein 7718, Nejatollah 9000, Gholam 830, Gholam-Haydar 5, Hosein 335, Ebrahim 299, Mohammad 30, Gholam-Ali 8345, Azizollah 7537, Mohammad-Ali 42755, Abol-Fazl 12269, Ali-Akbar 782, Seyyed Hosein 1642, Mohammad 3125, Gholam-Reza 8446, Seyyed Bozorg 8358, Agha-Jan 705, Gholam-Hosein 641, Abbas-Ali 15864, Seyyed Ali-Akbar 9557, Seyyed Yousof 240, Gholam-Reza 9176, Rasoul 171, Haji Ebrahim 1279, Abbas-Ali 279, Rajab-Ali 264, Abbas-Ali 624, Ali-Jan 494, Gholam-Hosein 282, Sadegh 8263, Soltan-Ali 7993, Ali-Asghar 6464, Rostam 41.


[Handwritten Note 1:] Mr Sadighi, To the Ministry of the Interior. 29 Khordad 1322 [19 June 1943]

[Handwritten Note 2:] For investigation and action; the report of the outcome to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior. 31 Khordad 1322 [21 June 1943]

[Handwritten Note 3:] Political

[Handwritten Note 4:]  To be presented with background.

[Handwritten Note 5:] To be sent to the Governorate Office. 11 Tir 1322 [2 July 1943]


[Stamp: Illegible, Number: 21125, Date 6 Tir 1322 [27 June 1943]]

[Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Political Bureau, Number 1936, Date: 7 Tir 1322 [28 June 1943]]





[1] [These numbers may represent their birth certificate numbers]