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The National Consultative Assembly

Copy of a letter from the residents of Zabol - From Zabol

Attachment Number 19460

Dated: 2 Khordad 1322 [24 May 1943]


With greetings.

We, the inhabitants of Sistan, have been clearly obedient and submissive to the orders and prohibitions of our beloved government for many years. Under the shadow of the kind attention of the responsible authorities, we have proceeded with our affairs and no one has been objecting to our religious [practices]; we have always led our lives in peace and comfort. Unfortunately, at this time, we are under pressure from all directions and our livelihood has been disrupted. In addition, we have suffered religious damage that is unprecedented in this border region. [Specifically], a group of Baha’is, some of whom are in the army, some in government offices, and some in the market, have entered Sistan and are vigorously preaching and uniting the hearts. By giving out nuts of various kinds, they are diverting the ignorant and poor masses of Zabol and have almost corrupted a large number of the people. They have produced conflict and grouping in all over this border region. It is possible that as a result of the intrigues and ventures of this sect, local turmoil will take place.

We desperately request that the esteemed authorities pay immediate attention, and that we, the poor and miserable subjects of this border [area], be saved from the clutches of these corrupt preachers.

Place of Signature: (Yaghoub 724), (Mohammad-Jan 699), (Niaz-Mohammad 1022), (Ebrahim 84), (Hasan Hamzeh-Nia 123), (Nour-Mohammad 231) and 60 other signatures.


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The Secretariat of the National Consultative Assembly