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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Copy of the complaint of a few Muslims of Aran]



Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of the Province of Kashan,

30/03/1324 [20 June 1945]


The respected head of the office of the governorate of the province of Kashan


Respectfully, I state that a police officer of the Gendarmerie [Police] station of the province of Kashan, has been dispatched to our neighbourhood to summon six of us, businesspersons in the marketplace and a shopkeeper. As the governorate supervises the actions of the province and the area, please investigate as to which principle by which these lowly ones, who are working in order to provide our daily expenses, have been summoned. The Governorate summoned us, despite the fact that the complainant is unknown to us and your honour was in the house of Mr Agha-Mohamad Jamal.

The lowly Mohamad Motevaseli, Ali-Akbar Atai, Fingerprint: Agha-Mohamad Jamali, Fingerprint: Mohamad-Bagher Alemi, Fingerprint: Abbas Absari


Signatories are from the Muslims and respectful people of Kashan

Certified copy of Number 18 – 30/03/24 [20 June 1945] that is registered confidentially, [Signature]