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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Investigative Unit of the Governor’s Office, Kermanshah – Shahabad-e Gharb Police Department

14 Bahman 1357 [3 February 1979]


Shahabad-e Gharb, Justice Administration

Copy to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

I, Daryoush Misaghi, son of Hasan, birth certificate number [redacted] from Birjand, engaged in selling carpets at [redacted], which belongs to Mrs. Khavar [illegible], hereby convey the following. 

[My shop] was set on fire on 19 Dey 1357 [9 January 1979] during the demonstrations in Shahabad-e Gharb, and the carpets, most of which were consignments and investments of other people, were stolen and the rest were burned. I was earning a small income from selling them to provide a living for my wife and two children, but they have destroyed my life. Despite this, they still persist in their behaviour and, saying that they represent the clergy, they threaten me every day and try to coerce us to recant our religion. 

On the one hand, they pay lip service to freedom of expression and belief, yet because of these threats it is more than 20-25 days that we have been refugees from our own home for fear that they might harm us. They do this even though they know very well that the Baha’i religion has nothing against the sacred religion of Islam, and that we believe in the Oneness of God and in the life of the soul. We believe that all prophets have been sent by God and we pay utmost respect to the Quran. We love the pure Imams dearly and do not participate in politics in any way. We believe that whatever good or bad is manifested by a human being, the Mighty God will repay it with full justice in the next world. Therefore, I appeal to your esteemed position for justice and request that you justly investigate this matter and not allow my wife and children to be wanderers any longer in this cold winter. In addition, below are the financial damages inflicted upon me:

  1. Handmade and machine-made carpets that have been lost in these demonstrations 950,000/ rials.
  2. Cheques and promissory note that have been rendered void and destroyed 1,700,000/ rials.
  3. Damage to the shop 100,000/ rials.

Total damages 2,750,000/- rials

In addition, it needs to be mentioned that, beyond what has been listed as having been lost in the fire, I don’t have any money left for my wife and children’s expenses and do not have any kind of employment to be able to make a living.

Once again, I beseech help from Your Highness.

With expressions of respect, Daryoush Misaghi [signature]