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[Arabic verse][1]

Mr. Sardar Tavakkoli, Commander of the Mazandaran Police Force

Date: 5 Azar 1387 [25 November 2008]


We offer our appreciation and heartfelt wishes but, pursuant to our grievance petition number 207831, dated 19 Aban 1387 [9 November 2008] and our numerous visits of the last month, regarding the destruction of our private Baha’i cemetery of Darzikola of Qaemshahr,  we write again, Despite the orders of the honourable judicial authorities to protect and arrest the violators, the inaction of the respectable head of the police station number 12 of Qaemshahr, had led to an increase in aggression, courage and boldness, so that in addition to appearing on the morning of 13 Aban [3 November], at dawn of 1 Azar 1387 [21 November 2008], they, fanatical people of enmity and rancour, together with a number of their accomplices, and with more equipment and facilities than before, including three loaders and eight dump trucks, raided and attacked the cemetery area, destroyed the rest of the developed graves, even exhuming graves. And after cutting down the planted trees, completely destroying the cemetery and its surroundings, and levelling the western side, which was surrounded and protected by barbed wire and fences, they then fled the scene. Although this was immediately reported to the mentioned police station while these acts were being perpetrated, unfortunately, no action was taken.

Dear Mr. Sardar Tavakkoli, the inquisition of beliefs and [the execution] of this ugly medieval practice has no place in any part of the world, especially in our beloved country of Iran. The precious works of the divine religions in educating human beings, especially the lamp of civilization, the effulgent light of the Great Prophet, the shining star of the horizon, His Holiness the most honourable Messenger of God [His holiness Muhammad], as well as the bright moon of insight and knowledge, Ali son of Abu Talib, who endowed this region with his insight and knowledge which is not hidden from any person of vision and wisdom, therefore, the judicial, disciplinary and administrative officials based in this province—the best region in the world—will definitely never allow evil and violation to occur contrary to the sacred divine rites, against the way and manner of the divine will, violating the written laws, becoming the cause of disgust to the dead Baha’is and the owners of the graves, and the effects of such abusive acts to attract the attention and, in fact, dishonor the Islamic Republic of Iran. How beautifully Jalal ad-Din [Mohammad] Rumi had said, [Persian poem][2]

Mr. Sardar, we Baha'is love our homeland because we are Iranians, and not only are we permanent residents, but we consider ourselves rightful owners, and these rights are in accordance with the Article 3, 4, 19, 22 and 23 of the Constitution and the explicit principle of 30 civil laws. The validity of owning legitimate property and the rule of Taslit [absolute legal power of the owner to exercise dominion or control over property] without harm plus other considerations of the legislative provisions, were ensured and guaranteed in the enacted laws. Although we are strictly forbidden from any kind of interference in party politics or political bias at local, national and international levels, the concept of government as an institution for the welfare and progress of human society and the principle of obedience to it and compliance with civil laws, is one of the salient features of our religion. According to our teachings, we wish good to all and strive with all our heart to be useful citizens for the advancement and welfare of the public. Now, it is requested from your hounor to seriously have this matter investigated again by issuing and urgent order to pursue and arrest the perpetrators and violators of the laws and the denial of the moral and human rights and to suggest the proper course to pursue for the said ruined place, ensuring both security and compensation for the material and intangible damage to the cemetery. Seeking divine confirmations and ...

Sincerely yours - On behalf of the Baha’is in Darzikola Qaemshahr


[Signature and names of Baha’is in Darzikola, Qaemshahr at the bottom of the letter]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

224034 - 5 Azar 1387 [25 November 2008]



[1] [The original text is as follows: "‎تبارک الذی بیده الملک"]

[2] [The original text is as follows:

"‎ تو لیلة القبری برو تا لیلة القدری شوی                        چون قدر مر ارواح را کاشانه شو کاشانه شو " [