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9 Aban 1392 [31 October 2013]


The Honourable Judge of the Court of Kiasar:

We, the following signatories, wish to respectfully inform you that we went to our land in the Village of Ivel, with the tractors and seeds for the autumn planting, and during the planting your police guard prevented it and stopped our planting. Considering that the same issue arose last year, and that a complaint was filed, and a case was raised against the intruders in Branch 5 of the Court of Appeals, and that the defendants were recently convicted, our ownership is proven. We have cultivated our ancestral lands every year.

Today the planting work was stopped, with obstruction by the checkpoint, and our work was subject to the issuance of a permit, while the Court of Appeals has declared this requirement an invalid judicial invention and condemns any harassment or obstruction.

Therefore, we are requesting you to please inform the checkpoint appropriately so that we can continue cultivating our lands and finish our agricultural work, according to the principle of “What is cultivated belongs to the farmer, even if [he] is declared a usurper”.

The [report] of the checkpoint is attached.

We thank you in advance for your care and compassion.


[Signatures of different people]