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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Arak to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 15817; Telegram Number: 619, Number of Words: 225, Date of Original: 30 Dey 1326 [21 January 1948], 1 Bahman 1326 [22 January 1948]


The Honourable Prime Minister

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: National Police Force Headquarters

Copy: National Public Prosecutor

Copy: Ministry of Education


From the first of Muharram, a group of fanatics have aligned under the pretext of religion, have urged the governor and head of the police of Borujerd to put pressure on me—as puny a tradesman as I am, from Doroud. They tell me that I should close my shop and go from here. It is ten days now that my shop has been closed, and moneys owed to me have not been paid back. I have incurred significant [financial] damages and my son has been expelled from the school. Am I not an Iranian citizen? What fault have I committed to deserve such extreme cruelty and injustice, except being truthful and having good conduct? I am hopeful to be treated according to Articles 8 and 14 of the respected Constitution, where, under the affection of the royal sovereign, the ministry and respected public offices, who are the protectors of law, every Iranian subject, in every corner of this consecrated nation, should have his rights respected and no one should be able, with an unofficial order, to stop a person from earning his livelihood and banishing [him] from his place [of living]. What should I do with a family of five, together with my old mother, in this cold period of the winter? I have been pressured from every direction. I am beseeching you to come to the rescue of this feeble and powerless being, otherwise everything will be lost and every day the mischief-makers will be perpetrating similar actions, contrary to the governing law.


Respectfully, I am pleading for urgent justice.


Address: Fereidoun Moghbel, shopkeeper of Doroud


[Stamp of the Telegraph Office of Tehran]

[Stamp of registration at the Prime Minister Office. Number 20617, Date: 3 Bahman 1326 (24 January 1948)]

[Handwritten 3:] Please inquire from the Ministry of the Interior