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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

[Number:] 11

Date: [29/3/1324 - 19 June 1945]


The esteemed Governorate of Kashan


I respectfully submit the following:  Yesterday I, Hasan Heidarzadeh, was passing by the shop of Ramazan-Ali Lame, when suddenly Lame’s sons and Abbas Ighani stopped me and started giving me religious insults and said that I had said bad things about the Baha’i religion.  I responded that I had never said anything, when, suddenly, they attacked me and beat me up. The Araan village alderman and the police came, and without any investigation or questioning, the alderman beat me up and the police arrested me.  Apparently the Baha’is had an ulterior motive. They tried to stop the progress of Islam in this way, and they had conspired with the alderman and the police force ahead of time. This morning, a few Baha’is came to town and they managed to somehow bring the Gendarmerie [police] chief to the place so that they could insult the Muslims in front of the [low life] people.

I request that you arrange for the Gendarmerie [police] station to refer the matter to the relevant authorities so they will look into this and justice will prevail.  If they need to take a [illegible] from me, please arrange it so that they do it in the city.  I beg for quick action, and I will abide by whatever your respected order might be.


Hasan Heidarzadeh-Araani


The copy matches the original, which is number 17, confidential, [dated:] 29 Khordad 1324, recorded.