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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: ------

Private number: 14663 / N

Ledger: ------

File: ------



Ministry of the Interior

Department: ---, Area: ---, Branch: ---


Type of draft: ------

Subject of draft: ------

Attachment: Yes

Scribe: ------


Date written: ------, Date recorded: 25 Aban [17 November], Transcription date: ------ Date sent: -----132


National Gendarmerie Headquarters


Pursuant to numbers 14193 – 21 Aban 1329 [13 November 1943] and 13663 – 9 Aban 1329 [1 November 1943], in telegram number 33, dated 21 Aban 1329 [13 November 1943], attached for your information, a number of residents of Borujen had complained about the actions of Lieutenant Hakimi, the head of the gendarmerie, in support of the Baha’is. Please order the police department to inform us about the actions that they will be taking to alleviate this complaint and the measures to prevent any kind of expression of support by the head of the gendarmerie. Also, please return the letter and the response to the plaintiffs.


Head of Police Department


Copy attached to letter number 22877 – 22 Aban 1322 [14 November 1943] is being sent for the information of the Prime Minister’s Office


[Signature] Head of Borujen Police Department