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Public number: -----

Private number: 1972-4

Bin: -----

File: -----


Office of the Prime Minister

Type of draft: ------

Subject of draft: ------

Enclosure: ------

Clean copy drafter: ------

Date of draft: ------, Month: ------

Date of clean copy: 28 Shahrivar [20 September]

Date recorded: 29 Shahrivar [21 September]


Confidential – Urgent

Karaj Town-hall – Hossein Sharifian and a few other residents of Karaj have submitted a report regarding the activities of Baha’is in the Sugar Factory and the Faculty of Agriculture to the Office of the Prime Minister, which is submitted herewith. It is essential to conduct a thorough and confidential investigation into the complainants’ allegations, identify the complainants and verify the truth or falsehood of their claims, and report the results accordingly.

Chief Director of the Office of the Prime Minister



28 Shahrivar 1326 [20 September 1947]