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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Copy to the Esteemed President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Copy to the Honourable Chief Justice of the Islamic Revolutionary Court

Copy to Mr. Rajabi First Deputy of the President

Copy to the Head of the Passport Office



Islamic Republic of Iran

Supreme Council [illegible]

Court of Administrative Justice

Job application

Referred to the -----Branch

Signature of the Director of Tehran

Number and date of registration-----

Details of the parties



Name and surname: Ebrahim Maboudian

Son of Feizollah

Residence [redacted]

Complainant’s lawyer -----

The respondent Ministry or Institution: former Prime Minister’s Office currently situated in Vila Street, Shirin Ally, number [illegible]

Subject of Complaint: Confiscation of passport


Detail of complaint and evidence

I, Ebrahim Maboudian, son of Feizollah, obtained a passport in 1362 [1983] to visit my child who is studying in India. At the airport and prior to the flight they confiscated my passport. Two days later they returned my passport and stated that it was a mistake. The following week I went to the airport to travel to India and my passport was confiscated again. The airport staff spoke to them on the phone in my presence.  They said "this is unprecedented but he should attend the Office". I went there and on every occasion they asked me to return in one or two months. It has been 5 years and I have attended the Office in excess of 40 times. They say my passport had been confiscated because I am a Baha’i. I was an administrative employee at the Traffic Office and I did not hold a high position in this country. My passport is now expired and they do not return it to me so I can obtain a refund of my airfare. I am an Iranian [illegible], my children have completed military service in this country, I have paid my taxes and I am a citizen of this country. I would like to request the Court of Administrative Justice to investigate this matter.



Signature of the complainant is certified

Signature or the finger print must be certified by a court, deputy governor, law enforcement office, police station or a government organisation and revolutionary organisation or the Imam of the local mosque. In the event the complainant is abroad the Islamic Republic of Iran Consulate officer must certify his signature.

Price: 5 Rial

If necessary use the back of the page


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God - Based on Ebrahim Maboudian driver’s license [redacted], his signature is certified.