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Ministry of Interior

(Governorate of Tehran)


Number 1144

Date: 30 Mehr [1322] [23 October 1943]


Esteemed Minister of Interior,

The following is hereby conveyed to you. According to reports numbered 1132 – 14 Mehr 1322 [7 October 1943], 1130 – 14 Mehr 1322 [7 October 1943], 1138 – 20 Mehr 1322 [13 October 1943], 1139 – 20 Mehr 1322 [13 October 1943], [and] 1140 – 24 Mehr 1322 [17 October 1943], which have been given from this district office to the esteemed governorate, the result is not known about the activities of the Baha’is of this district, particularly their propagator (Colonel 2 army Atefi). For this reason, we are emboldened to convey our points to you so that, after requesting the above numbered records, you [can] make the decision to ask the esteemed governorate to issue an order for action.

Based on the records of Taleqan District, which are available in that ministry, (dichotomy and dualism) have long dominated this district, particularly because the Baha’i propagators have also created factions in this district, have become bolder, and have increased the dichotomy more than before. Recently, the residents of the Village of Fashandak have made complaints to the district office about their headman (Reza Deljoui) who is also a Baha’i. I took action according to letter number 2824 – 29 Mordad 1322 [21 August 1943] of the esteemed governorate, which, based on report [illegible] of the Ministry of Interior’s inspection, had issued an order to replace the village headman. The above-mentioned village headman appealed to Colonel 2 Atefi, their own propagator who comes to this district twice a year for propagation and investigation, visiting the Baha’is of the district.

The mentioned colonel met me at the home of the head of statistics, (Mr. Hatefi), who is also connected to them, and after a series of discussions and recommendations by the Baha’is, I was not affected. For this reason, Colonel 2 Atefi filed a false complaint, instigated and intrigued the Baha’is and forced Nosratollah, who is a Baha’i and has a record of misdemeanor, to file a complaint. The complaint was forwarded to the governorate under the above-mentioned numbers.

The mentioned colonel appealed to the Ministry of Interior for the advancement of the Baha’is and succeeded in getting an inspector (Mr. Ansari). Immediately after the arrival of the inspector at the Taleqan District, he forced the Baha’is to incite and complain, and according to reports by Muslims, the inspector has stayed only at the homes of the Baha’is since he came to this district. This action of the inspector has both emboldened the Baha’is and caused the Muslims to become suspicious of the inspector and the ministry. So far, the inspector has not come to the District Office. According to Khosrow, the gendarme, the mentioned inspector said, “I want to light a fire for the deputy governor in this district so that the Baha’is are comfortable.”

Despite this, I ask that esteemed official to plan for a letter to be written to the Ministry of War as to whether or not Colonel 2 Atefi has the mission of propagating for Baha’is. If he does not, he should be forbidden to come [to this district] so that the Baha’is are not more emboldened toward Muslims. Secondly, I [request] that you decide and order that my mission from [illegible] Baha’is and Muslims [illegible] that harass and abuse the Muslims, [illegible] [send] their request for inspection [illegible] above-mentioned numbers [illegible]

Deputy Governorate of Kulaj, Katouzian


[Handwritten notes on top of the page]

Political - 7 Aban 1322 [30 October 1943]

Mr. Elahipour take action. Action to be taken by Personnel Department.

8 Aban [1322] [31 October 1943]


[Official stamp on top of the page]

Ministry of Interior

Political Office

Number: 5156

Date: 7 Aban [1322] [30 October 1943]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

Personnel Department pay attention to the stamp and contents of this letter [illegible]. Most of the year has not passed; how is it that the scope of power of the District Office has ended [illegible]

8 Aban [1322] [31 October 1943]