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Early Esfand of 1322 [late February 1944]


A group of Baha’is have gathered in Babol, Amol, Mahmoudabad and Babolsar, with the assistance and the influence of some of their coreligionists who are in key positions, such as the head of the Melli Bank of Babol and the head of the Babol cotton [manufacturing company] and some of the other bosses. They are busy with intense propagation activities, have started a building in Amol, have proceeded to rent the [crown] properties, and are making deals [in relation to these lands] with the authorities who are in direct contact with the locals and the farmers and have started dangerous actions. Not only is their propaganda very damaging to the region; they also crumbled the principle of ownership and personal rights with what they proceeded to do last year when they misappropriated a great deal of the government’s wealth around Amol while renting the [crown] properties and [fraudulently] legalising this embezzlement.  They are currently playing the same game, only more intensely; with their own techniques they have purchased from the Land [Department], properties in the villages that legally belong to the farmers, and they benefit from the population and the resources [in those villages].  Once they succeed in this, we can forget about the Shomal territory,[1] both materially and religiously.



[Stamp: The head office of the ministry number 24419, Date:  7 Esfand 1322 (27 February 1944)]




[1] [Northern part of Iran]