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[Arabic verse][1]

The Honourable Chairman of Mazandaran Provincial Security Council

18 Aban 1387 [8 November 2008]


With salutation and greetings, we wish to report that our private Baha’i cemetery in Darzikola of Qaemshahr (Firuzkuh ring road), where our dead have been buried for over a hundred years has been destroyed. As recent as two months ago, the late Mr. Hasan Samimi, rushed to the eternal world, according to the blessed verse of “we belong and to Him we will ‘all’ return”, and according to the rules of our religion, his body was escorted to and buried in this place. Understandably, we are deeply affected by the fact that on the second night of Aban [23 October] of this year (midnight), some unidentified individuals, ignoring, “Bring thyself to account [each day] ere thou art summoned to a reckoning”[2], secretly and using heavy vehicles, probably loaders, destroyed the barbed wire fence and entered the cemetery from the western side, then destroyed more than one hundred graves and borders, finally fleeing from the scene of the crime.

Although the incident was appealed through legal avenues, to the esteemed judicial and administrative authorities of the city and province, unfortunately, no action that would have led to the arrest of the perpetrators and aggressors of our Baha’i public place nor suggestions made about the proper course to pursue regarding this horrific incident were made. It added to the offensive actions of the perpetrators, that on the morning of 13 Aban 1387 [3 November 2008], after the passage of only 12 days, people returned to the destroyed place with machinery or bulldozers, introduced themselves as the People’s Force and intended to remove undesirable remnants of their work. They were prevented by the owners of the graves. Immediately, this new violation was brought to the attention of the honourable police superintendent at police station number 12 Qaemshahr and the police number 110, by phone.

And since then, the case was considered in accordance with the explicit order of the inspectorate of Branch 1 of the Qaemshahr Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, and the arrest and prosecution of the violators and the protection of the cemetery was guaranteed by the police superintendent. Unfortunately, although the law enforcement officers came to the mentioned place, they did not take any action to arrest the mentioned individuals and their deputies. This same situation was reportedly brought before the above-mentioned officials. Unfortunately, this met with negligence and violation of civil rights, especially the obvious disregard for Article 14 and other principles of the Constitution and the [illegible] prescribed provisions. There are so many similar incidences that there is no time to recount them all.

Islamic Republic of Iran and as a result, the issuance of an important historical decree coincided with the 16 Azar 1360 [7 December 1981], by the founder of the revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, and in the words of that judge, let us remember that he taught us the importance of justice. Regarding the above-mentioned petitions, we humbly request, that while issuing an urgent order to prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous act and to compensate the moral and financial damages to the owner of the graves, that you determine, assign and issue orders to repair and rebuild and refence the said environment. …



On behalf of the Baha’i community of Darzikola, Qaemshahr

[Signature of Baha’is in Darzikola, Qaemshahr at the bottom of the letter]



Office of Provincial Governor General of Mazandaran


18 Aban 1387 [8 November 2008]


[1] [The original text is as follows: "‎هو العلیم الخبیر"]

[2] [Hidden Words, Arabic 31] https://www.bahai.org/library/authoritative-texts/bahaullah/hidden-words/2#605082403