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In the Name of the Just Creator

Dear Dr. Amiri Khorasani

The Vice-Chancellor of Shaheed Bahonar University of Kerman



We the undersigned, who entered the Shaheed Bahonar University of Kerman after taking the National University Entrance Exam and achieving the academic eligibility in accordance with legal provisions, have now encountered difficulties in enrolling online for the next term and selecting our courses on the university’s website. In effect, after passing all of the exams at the end of the term, we are considered as students who have been expelled from the Shaheed Bahonar University of Kerman.

Based on Article 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the government is obligated to provide free education for all at all levels, [including] the level of higher education.  Also, based on Article 14 of the Constitution of our country, the people of Iran, regardless of their tribal and ethnic identity, have equal rights, and the colour of their skin, racial background, language, and so on, cannot be a basis for discrimination.  This Article supports the one mentioned earlier, which considers education at all levels to be the right of all people. Therefore, laws cannot be passed in such a way as to take away a right that has been bestowed by the Constitution.

In addition, based on Article 20 of the Constitution, all citizens of the country are under the protection of the law and are entitled to all human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. Based on Article 26, Section 1, of the International Declaration of Human Rights, to which the Islamic Republic of Iran is a signatory and is obligated to carry out, the right to higher education is among the undeniable rights of every member of humanity, and “higher education must be available to all based on merit.” According to Article 4 of the Convention against Discrimination in Education, passed by the General Assembly of UNESCO, to which the Islamic Republic of Iran is a signatory, provision of equal opportunity for higher education based on merit and ability and without discrimination is placed squarely on the shoulders of the government of the Islamic Republic.

The above-mentioned Articles are only a part of the provisions and laws that can be cited. In order to avoid a lengthy recitation, we have not mentioned all of them.

In view of what has been stated, and given that we have not done anything that could [warrant taking] away the aforementioned rights from us, and given that from the start of the enrolment process for the National University Entrance Examination, and also in all instances after beginning our studies, we have given truthful answers to all written and oral questions and have presented all required information in detail and we have never had any disciplinary infractions; and also, because we are the children of this sacred land and Iranian blood runs in our veins and we have participated whole-heartedly with our countrymen in every area of service to the homeland, we beseech Your Honour, as the head of a university that has aspired to support and care for its students, first to investigate the reasons why we have been prevented from pursuing our studies and inform us about it, and second, to please help and assist us by reinstating the rights from which we have been deprived.

We thank Your Honour in advance for your attention to this appeal for justice.



Signatures of 9 individuals