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Governor of Isfahan

Date: 1 Khordad 1323 [22 May 1944]

Copy of the letter from a group of Shahreza inhabitants


His Honour, the Governor of Shahreza

The matter that we, the inhabitants [of Shahreza], would like to convey is that we have considered the existence of this group of newcomers in this place to be detrimental to our religion and to our principles. Through our representative, the Friday prayer leader, we have submitted our concerns to His Imperial Majesty, who has referred the problem to Your Honour to be solved. Therefore, we expressed our concerns to you, through Haj Navvab, but so far we have not received any adequate response.

Now, through this communication, we residents express that under no circumstances do we consent to [the members of] this sect remaining in this place. Kindly order that they leave this place. If they have already purchased some properties here, we are willing to pay them off according to an expert’s valuation. At this stage, we have seen it best to [request] to you to peacefully bring to an end this disastrous situation. If a serious step is not taken in this regard—the action that has been prevented so far—and they do not leave this area as soon as possible, twenty thousand Shi’a Muslims, due to their religious sentiments, may take indescribable measures that cannot be imagined. We expect your answer through Mr. Mahdavi.


Mohammad-Reza, Mohammad-Hadi Farzaneh, Mohammad-Khalil, Alhaj Nazem, Alhaj Mohammad-Karim, Seyyed Mohammd-Taher (Amani?), [illegible signature], Hasan Khojasteh, Sahih Serajol-olama Shahrezi, Hosein-Ali Farzaneh [illegible signature], Nasrollah Katirai, Seyyed Fazlollah Hejazi, Seyyed Abol-Qasim, Seyyed Valiollah-pour, Seyyed Abol-Qasim Madani, Seyyed Mehdi Bahreini, Seyyed Ali Ashrafi, Seyyed Ebrahim Mir-Talai, Qasim Hamami, Yadollah Hemmat, Nateghi, …allh Saraji, Mahmoud Majdi, Yousefi, Mir-Hadi, It is correct: Taghi Qasami and some more individuals.

This copy is identical to [other] copy,