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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone



From Zabol to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 4551; Telegram Number: 131, Number of Words: 126, Date of Original: 13 Mordad [1324] [4 August 1945], Date of Receipt: 14 Mordad [1324] [5 August 1945],


His Honour the Prime Minister

Copy to:

The National Consultative Assembly

The Esteemed Ministry of Justice

The Esteemed Ministry of the Interior

The National Judicial Supervision Office

Parsiyan, Mr. Foroutan.


Last year in the month of Sha’ban, troublemakers set fire to the home of Mr. Eshrati, one of the Baha’is of Zabol.  Although the perpetrator was identified and the file on this issue was completed, the Prosecutor’s Office in Zabol tabled the file and refrained from prosecuting the criminal.  For this reason, again, in the evening of the 15 Sha’ban of this year, they set the house belonging to me, Asghar Misaghi, on fire, as well.  In addition to the property loss, my suckling baby came very close to burning in the fire.  I beseech you to order that the relevant authorities of Zabol facilitate the means to prosecute the troublemakers and penalize the perpetrators.


Asghar Misaghi