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In the Name of God


Dear Mr. Ziaollah Motearefi,

Operations Manager of the Agriculture and Livestock Mechanized Company of “Mion Lou Baar”


We congratulate [you on] your meritorious appointment as one of the great managers of the country’s food supply chain in 1391 [2012/2013], and wish you increasing success and steadfastness in this challenging path.

We are proud of the managers of this country, who, by setting up successful production models, and utilizing appropriately the existing resources, have taken giant steps towards the improvement of the national production and creating permanent food security.

In appreciation of your efforts it is incumbent upon us to support you, and by presenting this commendation letter, [we] express the least tokens of our admiration for your hard work and advanced capability.

We hope that, by relying on your knowledge and experience, a bright horizon and prosperity point is approaching Islamic Iran and that we will achieve this aim.


Shahrokh Zahiri

Head of the Commission of Agricultural and Food Industry Tehran Chamber [of Commerce]