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(The Honourable Government of Iran)


11 Miza [Mehr] 1300 [3 October – 1921]


Tehran Kashan;

Date: 02 Safar 1340 [13 Mehr 1300 - 22 April 1961]

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Registered book number 10788 / 3678;

Box 3

Case 2

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Sent on 11 Mizan [Mehr] 1300 [3 October 1921]


Honourable government of Kashan and Natanz   

Report number 729 was received and information was obtained about your endeavours to resolve some of the differences, as pointed out in response to the telegrams. The authorities are very pleased with your efforts and [illegible] it is evident that with your high competence and young spirit [illegible] every difficulty can be resolved and settled and you will succeed in maintaining order and security for every class. The Ministry of the Interior especially commends and praises your services. About [illegible], the head of the honourable position of religious jurisprudence, will provide assistance and will keep you informed of all matters.