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In the Name of God




AJ. SMAJA[1] (Office of Personnel, Senior Officers)

ABOB AJA[2] (Retirement Department)

Ground Forces Colonel Ali Ghaffari




1/11/1358 [21 January 1980]


Effective 1/11/1358 [21 January 1980], in accordance with the Resolution of the Interim Cabinet of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the approval of the Five Member Commission, the above-mentioned Colonel, attached to the Adjutancy Office, is dismissed from service in the Army owing to his affiliation with the perverse sect (Baha’i), and [case is set out] in Article 6 of Common Military Order number 83.

Enclosed is a one-page summary of the status of his service and the second copy of the tariff (N P1). Kindly order the necessary action to be carried out.


Head of AJ. SMAJA. Headquarters Colonel [Nirourang]



Receivers: -----

[Handwritten note on top of the page]

Dismissed in Tehran


[1] [Acronym: The Adjutancy of Army- Joint Chiefs of Staff of Army of Islamic Republic of Iran Army]

[2] [Acronym: Pension and Insurance Office of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran]