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Ministry of War and National Defence

Army 9 - Isfahan,

Number: 8

Date: 5 Farvardin 1323 [25 March 1944]

Urgent and confidential


Provincial Governor General of the Tenth Province

According to the reports received from Shahreza, a group of people, in response to the provocation of the local clerics, are preparing a plot against the Baha’is of that area, and intend to expel them from the town under [violent] conditions. It is quite possible that some tragic incidents will occur. Therefore, it is requested that necessary instructions be provided to the Governorate of Shahreza. Moreover, their garrison has been ordered to extend its assistance, should the Governorate request it.


On behalf of the Commander of the Army of Isfahan. Colonel Takesh, [Signature: Takesh]


[Handwritten Note:] Number 1- 5 Farvardin 1323 [25 March 1944]