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Exalted Government of Iran


Ministry of the Interior

29 Sunbula (Shahrivar) 1300 [20 September 1921]

Tehran: -----

Dated: 18 Muharram 1340 [30 Shahrivar 1300] [21 September 1921]

Scribe: -----

Issued: [illegible] 

Ledger number: 1009/3393

Badge: 3

File: 7 

Previous numbers: -----

Publication branch: Two [illegible]

Enclosure: -----

Sent at -----

29 Sunbula (Shahrivar) 1300 [20 September 1921]


The Honourable Minister of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

A copy of a cable from the Kashan Governorate regarding Vahdat-e Bashar School is enclosed. As the officials of that honourable ministry are aware, [illegible] the above-mentioned school is the target of religious opposition by the clerics, and there is fear of some unrest [in the area]. Please announce the opinion of your gracious ministry so that the appropriate instructions can be issued.

[Signature:] [Illegible]

From the Office of the Prime Minister came the instruction that, if there is propagation going on, it must be stopped, and inform the school employees to act accordingly; but the essentials of the school must be preserved according to the system set by the Education Ministry.