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Ministry of the Interior

Kashan South Office


To the religious jurisprudent and honourable protector of the people, Molla Habibollah, may his blessings be everlasting

The honourable government had telegraphed details of your spiritual support in ending the riots in Kashan. Your Honour has always been supportive towards the objectives of the government in maintaining public wellbeing and [illegible] you have manifested your good intentions and loyalty to the government. For this reason, your endeavours have always been appreciated and [illegible]. In particular, your expressions of good will in preventing further occurrences were noted [illegible] and the authorities are absolutely confident that with your efforts in Kashan, there won’t be any more destructive incidents which could destabilize public safety.(?)  Seventh month Mizan [Mehr], number 3567


[Illegible] 8 Mizan [Mehr] [30 September]