[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Exalted Government of Iran


Ministry of the Interior

Date: 1 ‘Aqrab (Aban) 1300, 22 Safar 1340 [23 October 1921]


Tehran: -----

Scribe: -----

Issued: [illegible]

Ledger number: 4058

Carton: -----

Dossier: -----

Previous numbers: -----

Secretariat Branch: [illegible]

Enclosure: -----

Time of dispatch: 1 ‘Aqrab [Aban] 1300 [23 October 1921]


I would like to convey to His Holiness, the generous Hojjatol-Islam and Moslemin [Muslims], long live his station, Mr. Haji [illegible] Mohammad Najafi Isfahani, long live his grace, that;

The specific correspondence [received] from His Grace, Molla Habibollah, Mujtahid of Kashan, was returned to him in its entirety. We would further inform Your Honour that, regarding Kashan’s Vahdat-e Bashar School, as soon as we received the news, urgent instructions were submitted to Kashan’s governorate. The said school will come under the careful watch of the officials of the honourable Ministry of Education; and the school’s educators and students will behave according to the directives of the honourable Ministry of Education so that the bitter days of insults will come to an end.

[Signature:] [Illegible]