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11/2/1359 [1 May 1980]

Number: 2369

Enclosure -----


Municipality of Yazd

Mr. Shokrollah Imanifar, City Council driver

In their letter dated 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980], a number of City Council drivers have indicated that they are not prepared to work with you owing to your religious belief (Baha’i). They have also [declared] that if you [continue to] adhere to your delusional belief they will quit working with you. Additionally, [it is noted that] based on reports 237—dated 1/1/1359 [21 March 1980] and 121—dated 7/2/1359 [27 April 1980], received from the manager in charge of the slaughterhouse, you left your place of employment on 11/1/1359 [31 March 1980] and in view of the above-mentioned [letter] your employment in [illegible] is terminated. You are advised to report to the Accounting Department with your insurance booklet to settle your account.

Mayor of Yazd-Aslani

Copy to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, together with the drivers letter dated 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980] and the report of the workers  representative and the supervisor of the abattoir.

Mayor of Yazd-Aslani