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In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran

Army Ground Forces

Number: 401-76-6606

Date: 17 Aban 1363 [8 November 1984]

Attachment: ----


From: Personnel Management, NZAJA - Ghazaei 

To: F L 28 P (RA)

Subject: G3 Deceased: Sergeant Yousof Ilkhchi-Moghaddam  

(Telephone: 2073)

Following number 401-76-6606- date: 21 Ordibehesht1361 [11 May 1982] and referring to number: 201-54-38 -date: 7 Ordibehesht 1361 [21 April 1982]

Word of the week: Martyrdom on the path of God is not something that one can measure with human indicators and material tolls. (Imam Khomeini)

By submitting [this] copy of the petition of Vahid Vojdani (civilian), it is requested that you order a comprehensive report of the death of the [person mentioned above] and that the actions that have been taken for the deceased be announced, for further submission to the [petitioner].


Personnel Manager of NJAJA - Colonel A. J. Khoshnevisan

On behalf: Colonel Ghazaei [signature]

Bagheri: [Signature]


1- R. Department of Military Services, referring to the above number, announce what actions have been taken in order to inform the applicant.

2- Tabriz – [address] Kayvan Repair Shop – Mr. Vahid Vojdani for information


[Official stamp]