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The Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

The Intelligence Office

Second Division

Number 1/12540/11931

Date: 12 Azar 1322 [4 December 1943]



His Excellency the Prime Minister

I would like to cordially inform you that, according to the police report from the respective areas, a few Baha’is with their families moved to the cities of Amol, Mahmudabad (Mazandaran), Isfahan, Ardabil, Azarshahr, Mamaqan and Osku a while ago, to undertake agriculture and other businesses, and also to teach [their religion] amongst the residents. According to the report of the Tabriz Police Force, Baha’is who are residing in Azarshahr have been organizing meetings for propaganda in the residence of Seyyed Kazem Nabavi (who is a Baha’i from Osku). The residents of Azarshahr, are dissatisfied; even though the police are totally vigilant and follow the perpetrators, every day there are conflicts and arguments between the two parties. The police believe that under the current circumstances, their stay [in Azarshahr] is not wise.

The situation is reported for your information. At present, while we are waiting to receive your instructions, and under the supervision of the governor general, the Police Force of Tabriz has been instructed to prevent any commotion and disorder.


The Head of the National Police Force, Colonel Seif [signature]


[Handwritten note 1:] To respond. Please order the banishment of those who disturb the public or engage in actions that make [the public] unhappy [signature]

[Handwritten note 2:] Mr. Mostowfiyan, Number 1625 - 19 Azar 1322 [11 December 1943]