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In the Name of God


Number: 3534/2328/95

Date: 25 Dey 1395 [14 January 2017]

Enclosure:  Yes


From: Disciplinary Command of the Province of Mazandaran – Legal Office

To: Honourable Head of Branch 6 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Subject: Case reference 951648


Greetings and salutations:

Respectfully, while expressing our admiration for the kind regard of the Court in protecting the citizenship rights of all compatriots and stressing respect for the law by the disciplinary forces in the province, this is to convey that:

  1. As can be deduced from the content of the judicial request, the appellants consider themselves members of a religious minority and request permission to close their businesses on certain days of the year.
  2. The issue was addressed by the Commission for Religions and Sects in the Province of Mazandaran by way of [item] number 2-7/M11/7958 and it was decided that this request be denied. (Enclosure 1)
  3. Additionally, the provincial prosecutor, by way of letter number 1005/753, dated 9 Aban 1395 [30 October 2016], adopted strict protocols in this regard. (Enclosure 2)
  4. Considering the above, it appears that the appeal/judicial request is not relevant to the Amakin Office of the Disciplinary Command of Qaemshahr, and that the measures taken are the result of the decisions taken by the high authorities of the province, and through coordinated efforts.
  5. In conclusion, it is hereby noted that the enclosed documents bear classification stamps.

With gratitude for your kindness, if further information is required, please advise, if necessary, further inquiries be made regarding items 2 and 3.

Disciplinary Commander of Mazandaran Province

2nd Brigadier General, Seyyed Mahmoud Mirfayzi

[Stamp and signature]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:]


[Signed: Rastegari 29 Dey 1395 (18 January 2017)]



[Stamp on top of the page:]

Entry into Ledger – Branch 6 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Number 2773

Date: 10 Bahman 1395 [29 January 2018]