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Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 1222

Date: 4 Mehr 1323 [26 September 1944]



Ministry of Roads and Transportation

Referring to letter number 140, dated 25 Mordad 1323 [16 August 1944], containing the decoded telegram of the head of the Office of the Roadway of Shahroud, I would bring to your attention, herewith, the following. According to the report of the Ministry of the Interior, the Governor of Shahroud had suggested on 10 Mordad 1323 [1 August 1944], the change of place of assignment of the head of Shahroud Roadway’s accounting office. When the inspector was dispatched to the area, instructions for further investigations about the matter were issued, but later on, it became evident that, as a result of the recent events, the aforementioned person, along with a number of other people, has run away from the locality.

To prosecute the inciters of the events in Shahroud, the necessary orders were issued to the Ministries of the Interior and Justice. On behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, necessary measures have been taken to investigate the incident, to punish the inciters and ensure the safety of the place by dispatching a special inspector, as well as disciplinary agents.

The Prime Minister