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[Newspaper:] Payk-e Iran

[Date:] 13 Aban 1334 [5 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 309


Celebration in the Military Governorate of Tehran

From 4:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, on the occasion of the birthday of His Holiness Khatamol-Anbia [the last of the Prophets] (PBUH), the grounds and garden of Tehran’s military governorate were decorated with colourful lights and Iranian flags, and the grand hall of the governorate was lined with carpets and chandeliers, and decorated with precious candelabra, and many tables were covered with fruit and pastry.

Inside the governorate, and on either side of the corridors and streets of the garden, officers and soldiers stood in a special order.

Brigadier General Bakhtiar, the military governor of Tehran, and Brigadier General Sha’sha’ani and his deputy, stood at the entrance of the hall and greeted the entering guests. A large crowd of people from all corners of the city flocked in to attend the celebration.

Participants carrying enormous bouquets of flowers chanted slogans such as:

“Long live the young king” and “Greetings to His Highness, His Imperial Majesty” and “Peace be upon the Muslim soldiers and the officers”.

Despite the fact that the halls, corridors and passageways were crowded and replete with people, and there was no room to move around, the officers of the military governorate were very careful to receive the guests and to keep the place in order.

Surprisingly, the retired Major General Ala’i also attended the celebration in military uniform. After the speakers had delivered their speeches and the poets recited their poems, the celebration ended with a prayer for the king.