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Ministry of the Interior,

Date: 29/10/1322 [20 January 1944]

[Number: 20]

Extract from telegram of Mr. Movassaghi, the inspector in Abadeh


Ministry of the Interior


Surely, the severity of clashes between the residents of Abadeh villages and the Baha’is has reached you.  In the end, the best solution was to send out a group of respected individuals to [mediate and] make peace, until the matter is attended to later.  The head of the Office of Telegraph and Telephone has been assigned to Abadeh for the past five years and he is quite influential. According to the investigation of the Gendarmerie and Police, in relation to the election, [he] attempts to create a division [amongst the residents].  It is crucial that he be transferred immediately.  In the meantime, the governor is on vacation. He was emphatically urged to return. They allege that he has become a Baha’i and is connected to the head of the Telegraph and Telephone Office.  20




[Handwritten note 1:] Number N/14256 – Dated 6/12/1322 [26 February 1944]


[Handwritten note 2:] Convey as received to the Electoral Office for immediate action.  Director of Political [Office] [signature], 7/12/1322 [27 February 1944]


[Handwritten note 3:] No action needed by the Electoral Office.  The history of this is at the Political Office and this telegram is hereby returned to that office.  8/12/1322 [28 February 1944]


[Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Political, Number 7874, Date: 9/12 (29 February)]