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Iran Bicycle and Motorcycle Corporation

Public Joint Stock Company

Number: 20/11034

Date: 28 Dey 1360 [18 January 1982]


In the Name of God

Mr. Khosrow Sanaie

You are hereby informed that in view of your membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, you are no longer our representative. In the event that you [deny] this [allegation], you must obtain confirmation of this [denial] from the local ulama [clergy] and the (appropriate) revolutionary agencies, publish it in newspapers, and forward [a copy of] it to this firm.

With thanks,

Iran Bicycle and Motorcycle Corporation - (Nationalized)

Department of [illegible]



Copy recipients:

The Office of the Provincial Governor General - Mazandaran

Office of the Governor - Gorgan

Deputy Governor’s Office - Aq Qala

Related case

To Mr. Askarian for action

 Mazandaran Province Cooperative

Tehran Province Cooperative

Bicycle and Motorcycle Trade Union


Tehran [Address]