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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Number: 1/2461, Dated: 14 Khordad 1323 [4 June 1945]

Attachment: 1 Page


Ministry of the Interior,

Further to [letter] number 1714/1941, dated 19 Ordibehesht 1323 [9 May 1944], I respectfully inform you that, “Based on a report from the police of Qom, on the third of the current month a typed letter, on behalf of the Muslim population of Qom, whose intent is to protest against the propagation activities of the Baha’is, was delivered to the police by the municipal post.” The attached copy of the letter is presented to you.

The police force states that Mr. Sadr, the mojtahed [clergy] of Qom, had requested His Imperial Majesty to banish from Qom a number of the Baha’is who are residing there. To address the issue, a committee had been established at the Governorate office. The decision taken by the committee suggests to the Ministry that these individuals should return to their cities. Meanwhile, the local police force has commented that if the residents’ expectation from the government regarding these residents takes a long time, or they get disappointed, there is a strong possibility of disorder and unrest. The aforementioned police force was given the appropriate order, emphasizing the maintenance of law and order, and was requested to report any decision that is made in this regard.


Acting National Police Force

Colonel Seif



[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp: registered by the confidential office of the Ministry of the Interior, Number 488, dated 14 Khordad 1324 (4 June 1945)]

[Handwritten note 2:] To be presented

[Handwritten note 3:] Summary to be reported to the Office of the Prime Minister and also to be written that, as it has been repeatedly reported, in many parts of the country, including Qom, the issue [illegible] of the Baha'is with the residents of the city, is a matter of great concern, and if immediate and effective measures that are legally permissible are not taken by the government, it is feared that a major disorder will ensue in this regard [illegible].

[Handwritten note 4:] Archive until the prime minister’s response is received