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Mion Lobar Motorized Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Company, Ltd.

Registration Number 245


Date: 21/11/1388 [10 February 2010]



In the Name of God, the Almighty, the All Powerful


To the Respected President of the Veterinary Branch in Semnan Province


This is to respectfully inform you that further to the letter reference 17/9949-15/11/88 [4 February 2010] pertaining to the cancellation of cow milk production and removal of the existing cattle, evacuation in 15 days is unrealistic and impossible. It should be noted that about two years ago, there was a stop to the milk production and as per the directive of that respected office some of the cows were removed. I hereby undertake to remove the remaining cattle, which includes male calves and heifers, beginning on 21/11/88 [10 February 2010] and to complete [the removal] within a period of two to three months under supervision. Given that this company has been exemplary in its agricultural and animal husbandry services and has never violated any regulations, it is difficult to understand why you have revoked the license, which has been in effect for over twenty-seven years. Nonetheless, I respect your decision and, if agreed, I will take action to remove the cattle [within the above suggested time.]



Director General of [Mion Lobar] company

Ziaollah Motearefi


[Stamp of the company]